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CBD Hemp Incences

Manitu CBD products are getting more and more creative by the day. The cannabis community has seen the introduction of CBD incences, a delicious way to get the most of the aromatic benefits of cannabinoids. If you’re looking for a unique way of enjoying hemp incenses, we at Manitu have just the thing you need. Choose between various types of incences and enjoy the smell of nature, while relaxing in the comfort of your home.

What are CBD Incences?

Throughout history, various forms of hemp incenses have been used in religious ceremonies, during meditations and for purposes of masking unpleasant odors. In modern times many incense users believe inhaling the fragrant smoke of a specific herb is beneficial for their mind, body and soul. If you enjoy the smell of incenses and you’ve followed studies highlighting many benefits of aromatherapy, you will be thrilled to explore more therapeutic potential of CBD incences. While pleasant fragrances will most likely enhance your mood and level of relaxation, it’s important to state that hemp incenses will probably not produce the similar type of results compared to other CBD products.

Question What is CBD Incense?

CBD Incenses are made from the fragrant oils of tree resins, barks, seeds, roots or various types of flowers. The aromatic compounds release a fragrant plume of smoke as it burns. Hemp incenses are usually creating by infusing incense sticks or cones with CBD oil or by burning hemp buds.

Question Does incense stick contain chemicals?

No, incense products like sticks and buds are made only from aromatic biotic materials, which release fragrant smoke when burned. Fragrance oil, essential oil, and other base oils are usually the major components of incense sticks.