Cbd Vape Cartridge Candy CBDA (1ml-900mg)

Vape Cartridge CBDA Candy is used in a combination with vapor pen battery for the perfect vaping experience and to take to most of your CBD product.


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Candy CBDA vape liquid is a pure cannabis extract, enriched with natural terpenes, with a taste of honey and lemon. A mesmerizing aroma of the undiluted extract and the fast effect of the product will knock you off your feet.

Candy is made of the flowers of candida, grown in Colombia – more precisely in the valley of the Vale del Cauca. THC is chromatographically removed from the product itself, so you can enjoy the magical CBD experience without hesitation about the side effects. Our Ccell cartridges with vape liquids are of the highest quality and provide the immediate effect.

Vaping is the optimal way to consume CBD, as the intake of CBD is as much as 90%, while with CBD drops it is only 15%. Plus, the entire preparation process for consumption is quick and easy: attach the vape liquid cartridge to the battery, inhale and ingest the flavor with a mouthpiece, then exhale through your mouth and enjoy a phenomenal CBD vape experience.

DON’T FORGET: if you want to use Candy CBDA Ccell cartridge you will also need a vape battery, which you can find on our website under the category CBD hemp vaporizers. It won’t work without both parts.