Delivery of ordered goods

We will deliver the ordered goods with a value of over € 50.00 free of charge with the default delivery service. Goods with a lower value will be delivered to you according to the price list of our delivery services. Goods ordered in the online store are sent out in the shortest possible time.

The goods marked as “In stock” are in stock in our warehouse or in the warehouse of our suppliers, so we can send the goods to you immediately and you can expect them in 1-3 working days, in exceptional cases a day longer.

Delivery of the ordered goods is performed for us by Pošta Slovenije which does not charge you with any additional commission for payment after collection. Pošta Slovenije delivers the ordered goods in the morning, and in the area of larger post offices you also have the option of choosing delivery after 4 pm at the checkout.
In case of extraordinary dimensions, heavy weight or other extraordinary circumstances, we reserve the right to deliver the package to you via another delivery service and charge you extra for delivery (if you would otherwise be entitled to free delivery). In such a case, you will of course be notified immediately. For packages of larger dimensions, we can send the ordered goods via another delivery service, as some of our delivery partners do not accept larger shipments.

If you are not at the address stated when confirming the order at the time of delivery, you can pick up the package at the nearest post office or call the delivery service which will leave you a notice and arrange for the next delivery attempt. Package delivery is generally performed in the morning. Before the order is shipped, you can notify us via email or phone that you want delivery to another address. Unless this message arrives too late, we will make sure that the wish is taken into account and that the order arrives at the right address.

The availability of an individual item is shown on the item page.

Availability of items

If the availability of the item is not published on the page, check the availability of the item at info@manituherbs,com.
The availability or estimated delivery time of an individual item is published on the page of an individual item and is updated daily according to the availability by our suppliers. We try to provide prompt service, but due to data processing, there may be a delay in publishing the availability of an individual item when publishing the availability of an individual item. When ordering several items at the same time, in the case of different delivery times (more than 5 days), delivery will be carried out in several shipments in agreement with you.
If the status “In arrival” is published next to the item, it only means that the exact delivery time is not yet known, because the item is currently not yet available on the market and its distribution is expected at a later date. However, if you see the status “Please check” next to the item, the exact delivery time is not known, because the item ran out and therefore we do not have an exact delivery time. If you order a product with the stated statuses, you can withdraw from the contract at any time.

In the event of delays in delivery, we will notify you by e-mail.
For products from sales where stocks are limited with us or our suppliers, we reserve the right not to deliver the product and cancel the order if due to a delay in updating available stock or possible damage or loss of the latter during transport the product can no longer be delivered because it is no longer available. In this case, we will do our best to find a solution that is right for you.

The delivery time published on the page for items that are not in stock is given according to the availability from our suppliers. This takes into account the optimal transit time from the supplier to us, as well as from us to you. Unfortunately, there may be delays in the delivery by the manufacturer and in transit by the delivery services, over which, unfortunately, we have no influence and therefore cannot take responsibility in such cases.


Because some goods can be received from our suppliers through parcel delivery services, it may happen that the product is repackaged in a new box if we estimate that shipping in the original box would mean an increased risk of damage. In such a case, we guarantee that the goods are new and packed in a non-original box solely to protect the shipment during transport to you.

Delivery in case of suspicion of misuse

Goods ordered in the online store will be withheld in case of suspicion of misuse of personal data or suspected misuse of payments and will be delivered only upon confirmation of the identity of the buyer and his/her entitlement to use the method of payment used to pay for the ordered goods.
Misuse, despite the efforts of all participants, cannot be completely avoided, so we ask for your understanding in such cases, as such procedures contribute to greater safety of online purchases.

Delivery costs

We will deliver the ordered goods in the value of over € 50.00 free of charge with the default delivery service.
Delivery costs, which cannot be excluded, are in general taken from the price list of delivery services and can be checked in the shopping cart before placing an order. Before confirming your order, you will have the opportunity to choose between delivery providers (if there are several). The price of delivery will also be stated next to each one, so that you can choose the one that suits you best. The price is tied to the weight of the item or items.

Reporting of damaged shipments

In the event that the shipment is physically damaged, lacks content or shows signs of opening, the buyer must immediately initiate a complaint procedure with the delivery service by which such a package was delivered, namely:
with Pošta Slovenije, this can be done by taking the package to the nearest post office in the same condition as you received it (without adding or removing anything) and filling in the complaint report.
with other courier services, request the courier to draw up a package record immediately. In the event that the courier does not draw up a report or you take over a damaged package without requiring the courier to draw up a report, claiming the damage caused by the courier service is much more difficult, so we kindly ask you to request a package inspection and a report whenever the package shows signs of damage.
We always try to ship the packages best prepared for transport and, if necessary, additionally protect them against damage, but even this is not a guarantee that damage cannot occur during transport. In the event of a report of damage during transport, we will do our best to resolve the complaint as soon as possible.
When registering a shipment damaged during transport, please fill out our online form. After completing the form, we will contact you with further instructions.


In accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Slovenia, the minimum warranty period for products is 12 months. We take care of servicing the product during the warranty period. Deliver the product for which you are claiming the warranty together with the invoice and warranty card (supplied with the product) to our address.
The guarantee can only be claimed with an invoice.

Warranty statement

The warranty guarantor guarantees to the customer the characteristics or faultless operation of its products for a certain period of time (warranty period):
• for consumables (batteries) 6 months.
The guarantor undertakes to rectify defects in the operation of the product that occur during the warranty period at its own expense, either itself or by an authorized repairer, within a reasonable time, not exceeding 45 days from the receipt of the advertised product and the customer’s written notice of errors, or to deliver a new product of the same type and at least the same quality to the buyer within the specified period.
The warranty applies to defects in the operation of the product due to defects in the materials used and irregularities in the manufacturing process, provided that the product has been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The guarantee is valid in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and the EU.
The manufacturer’s warranty does not apply in the case of:

  • use of the product contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions, as well as in case of non-compliance with the instructions;
  • use of the product for purposes for which it was not manufactured;
  • incorrect product assembly;
  • mechanical damage and defects caused through no fault of the manufacturer;
  • damage and faults caused by natural disasters (lightning, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.) or by accident;
  • damage and faults caused by inappropriate mains voltage (e.g. electric shock, etc.);
  • repairs or interventions in the product carried out by a person not authorized by the manufacturer;
  • any modifications to the product.

The manufacturer’s warranty applies in the event of normal use of the product in accordance with the purpose of the product and in accordance with the instructions for use and maintenance of the product.
The manufacturer undertakes to provide the customer with service and spare parts for the products for at least 2 years after the expiry of the warranty period.
The above warranty conditions do not exclude consumer rights arising from the seller’s liability for defects in the goods.
The manufacturer or service center may provide the consumer with free use of a similar product for the period of repair of the goods for which a mandatory warranty has been issued.
The warranty period begins on the day the product is delivered to the customer.
To report a defect during the product warranty period, please fill out our form. After completing the form, we will contact you with further instructions for a successful troubleshooting.
If your product is not repaired within 45 days of being accepted for repair, we will replace it with a new one.
Home repairs are not possible due to the complexity and non-portability of modern service equipment and the availability of spare parts.

We recognize the most rational public transport tariff for the transport of a product, but only upon presentation of an appropriate certificate.
The seller is not qualified to make a technical assessment of possible defects and thus cannot decide on the replacement of a product without the opinion of an authorized service on the issue.
If it is established that the nonfunctioning of the product is due to improper use or maintenance or any unauthorized interference with the product, the customer will be charged for repair costs and postage or diagnostic or examination costs.

Order notification

After the final confirmation of the customer’s order, we will notify you of the receipt of the order by e-mail. Typically, the recipient receives an email notification within 5 minutes, but it is not uncommon for the process to take slightly longer due to different customers’ email settings.

The buyer also receives an electronic notification when the goods are shipped. It usually takes a day or two for the goods to be delivered to the recipient’s address.

In the event that you have ordered goods that cannot be shipped within the promised time due to unforeseen reasons, we will notify you of the new delivery time via the provided contact information.
You can also download electronic versions of individual documents for your further use in your account.