Right to information

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or how your personal information is handled, feel free to contact info@manituherbs.com. Upon your request, we will notify you immediately – in writing and in accordance with applicable regulations – of any personal information that was collected during a visit to the website http://www.manituherbs.com
The e-mail address of the sender of the request must be the same as the registration e-mail.

With the given consent, the user allows the above company Manitu d.o.o. to process the collected personal data for the purposes of performing a legal transaction (delivery of ordered goods, issuing an invoice, business communication regarding the order, etc.). The above-mentioned data may be processed by the above-mentioned company for its own needs within the legally prescribed period or until the customer requests the removal of personal data from the database. During the management of personal data, the individual has the option to view and update the data in the database in accordance with the GDPR.

Use of cookies

Websites use intelligent and useful techniques for greater user friendliness and for the most interesting experience of each visitor. Among the most well-known techniques that significantly improve the user experience of a visitor to a website are cookies. Cookies are small text files that websites store on a user’s computer.
The website http://www.manituherbs.com, like most websites, uses cookies. We use cookies in order to improve the user experience in our store, for the analysis of our website and for commercial purposes. At the first visit (or after deleting cookies) you have the option to determine which cookies you allow us to use. Thus, we use cookies from Google (analysis, marketing, Facebook (marketing), Addthis, Sharethis (social networks) and Tawk.to (live help).


The operator of the web center strives for the highest possible level of promptness and correctness of the data published on the website http://www.manituherbs.com. Nevertheless, the reduced performance of the technological solution used, input, transfer or any other data processing may result in an error displayed on the website. In the event that a visitor to the website estimates that the information is incorrectly displayed, he/she can always inform us at the e-mail address info@manituherbs.com.
The company is not responsible for occasional non-functioning of the site, possible inaccuracy of information, or for possible damage caused by the use of inaccurate or incomplete information or the inability to access and use the information on these websites.
The published photos are symbolic and do not guarantee the properties of the product. We also remind you that the color shades are displayed differently on individual monitors, so the colors displayed are not necessarily the same as that of the product.

Contract of sale

The purchase contract between the provider and the buyer is concluded at the moment when the provider confirms the order (the buyer receives an e-mail – order confirmation). From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the provider and the buyer.
Upon completion of the purchase, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the order via email containing all the details of your order.