CBD CBG Hash (1 g) – Night Thinker

The Night Thinker fragrance cone will entice you into calm but intense contemplation.


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The Night Thinker fragrance cone will entice you into calm but intense contemplation. The fragrance comprises ground first-class cannabis buds and medicinal labdanum extract that will charm you with its almost palpable sensuality and pleasant resinous odor. It is perfect for relaxing with the ancient ritual of smudging (check out the info tab and click on β€œsmudging”), as it is incense with carefully selected botanical components. In addition to cannabis, labdanum also has a special place in traditional medicine, as it is used to treat a wide variety of ailments. It helps with the flu, colds, depression and stress; it calms the nervous system and helps maintain concentration, so it is often used in meditation. It is also credited with antibacterial and antiviral activity. Combined with the delicious hemp buds, its rich aroma and medicinal properties are even more enhanced. In addition, the cone will fill your home with fragrant smoke and cleanse it of any negative energy. Indulge in meditation and deep reflection with the Night Thinker fragrance cone and enter previously unexplored paths of your mind! All Manitu products are completely natural: they contain high-quality, locally and organically grown hemp; without any additives! The Night Thinker fragrance cone also contains natural labdanum extract. Miron purple glass jars preserve and prevent discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight. In addition, they prevent excessive drying out and maintain the long-lasting intoxicating aroma of the buds. Paper bags made of eco-friendly materials are a convenient alternative to packing in glass, as you can take them with you wherever you go. Unique design. Possibility of purchasing larger quantities and delivery throughout Europe.