Found in the Cannabis sativa plant, cannabidiol is a natural yet non-psychoactive compound. With multiple beneficial properties, it can ease the symptoms of a few common ailments.

As a result of the ever-growing demand for CBD, its users are eager to explore new ways to multiply the positive effects. That’s where a CBD vape kit comes into play as a consumption method. Thanks to its simple structure and portability, people can enjoy a hassle-free experience. Even novices can use the device without any inconveniences and at reasonable prices.

Undoubtedly, CBD products have gained momentum in the health and wellbeing realm. This article defines CBP vaping and explores how it impacts your body. It also explains the contents of the CBD vape kit and guides you into selecting one that matches your needs.

What Is CBD Vaping?

Vaping is a vapor-inhaling process through a device that heats oil, juice, or herbs. Some liquids replace tobacco smoking and thus contain nicotine, while others have medical purposes. Similarly, herbal extractions like cannabidiol treat conditions that require quick absorption of the active substance.

Overall, CBD vaping is an efficient cannabidiol intake method. CBD loses its potency with ingestion before reaching the bloodstream since it undergoes digestion. With vaping, cannabidiol retains an extra 25% of the active substance as it quickly passes the lungs and enters the bloodstream. Hence, CBD vape is convenient for treating ailments that demand an immediate response.

CBD Vaping Effects On Your Body

Vaping CBD can have a beneficial impact on the daily lives of users. The most frequent sensation you’ll feel after vaping CBD is calmness. Let’s check some of the other positive effects on your overall health and wellness.

Pain Relief

For millennia, people have used cannabis to treat pain. Scientists have found that the pain-relieving result comes from components like CBD. In short, this compound interacts and strengthens the human endocannabinoid system. Many studies have documented the analgesic influence of cannabinoids in chemical, mechanical, and heat pain. It can also relieve rheumatic diseases.

Mental Health

CBD oil has many potentials uses in treating mental health disorders. Cannabidiol can alleviate insomnia and unease in people with nightmares and anxiety disorders. Moreover, it can help fight PTSD-related symptoms, social anxiety, and depression.

Neuroprotective Properties

Another studied use of CBD refers to treating neurological disorders, including epilepsy and MS. Though research on the ability of CBD to affect the brain-signaling systems is still underway, it can reduce muscle spasticity. Cannabidiol treatments may also improve life and sleep quality in people with Parkinson’s disease.

Cancer Aid

Vaping CBD may lessen cancer-related symptoms and side effects from treatment like pain, nausea, and vomiting. Scientists have also analysed medical CBD as a potential therapy against harmful cancer cells. The proof that cannabidiol can control inflammation and alter how cancer cells spread and replicate is advancing.

What Is A CBD Vape Kit?

Similar to e-cigarettes, CBD vape kits are devices that take CBD vapour by inhaling it. The package configuration matches the thin consistency of CBD vape, which is different from standard vape juices.

Contrary to market-wide vape kits, a CBD vape kit lacks air holes. Hence, the liquid can’t escape, and you won’t have to replenish the supply as frequently. CBD vape devices are also small, compact, and feature two parts:

  • The CBD vape cartridge holds the e-liquid and serves it during vaping. The cart is a glass and steel container with a mouthpiece and a battery on the opposite sides. The vape cart has an atomiser that heats the oil and turns it into vapour. Cartridges can also contain a ceramic coil depending on the selected kit.
  • The vape battery powers the device and usually comes with a 510 threading. Lithium rechargeable batteries are standard unless you have a disposable vape pen.

Optionally, you can purchase a battery with a USB charger. Another aspect you mustn’t neglect is buying CBD e-liquid of your choice to use with the device.

Why Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

Undoubtedly, smoking bears more significant health risks compared to vaping. However, multiple other reasons make a CBD vape kit a more convenient option.


Once you buy the starter kit, all you need is occasional e-liquid purchases. On average, the monthly cost of smoking is about double that of vaping. The savings are more considerable over a few months after you quit smoking.

Lesser Lung Impact

CBD vape kits contain fewer toxic substances, so perils for your health diminish. Giving up on smoking will also give you boosted breathing opportunities. Most importantly, you can reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, chronic bronchitis, or cancers linked to tobacco consumption.

Improved Smell And Taste

Tobacco cigarettes give off an unpleasant odour that remains on your body and in the air for prolonged periods. Conversely, the vaping smell is discreet, pleasant, and dissipates quickly. Vapers usually associate the taste with that of fruits and desserts.

Reduced Addiction

People get addicted to cigarettes due to their nicotine content. The upside of the CBD vape kit is that it contains no addictive substances and hence cannot lead to dependence. Many people have chosen to vape over smoking as a substitute for cigarettes.


Cigarette butts contain cellulose acetate and toxins harmful to all living organisms. Vaping also produces waste, but the ecological damage is less significant than that caused by traditional cigarettes. Also, unlike disposable products, most CBD kits are reusable and refillable.

Choose The Manitu Herbs CBD Vape Kit And Get Started

The number of CBD vape kits you can use with your Manitu Herbs is abundant. Yet, you must know what device best suits your needs and research the available options. To experience our top-quality Manitu cannabidiol, ensure the CBD vape kit you procure has the following features:

  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • No burning feeling.
  • Light pocket-friendly version.
  • Replaceable coils to save in the long run.

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