If you’re new to vaping, the assortment of kits, products, and techniques can be challenging to grasp. Partially, your concerns are justified because you need to learn the essentials to vape safely and effectively. Hence, newbies need to get armed with relevant information for an ultimate experience.

Selecting the vapor pen starter kit would be your first stop on the vaping journey. Of course, the set you choose should match your personality, needs, and preferences. Vape pens are also convenient and stylish devices and, thus, a must-have for both new and seasoned vapers.

This article explains everything you need to know about vape pens and how to use them properly. It also reveals how to pick the best brand for the perfect vaping venture.

The History Of Vaping

Though the vaping concept might seem novel, it has a lengthy history. About 2,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians heated herbs and oils on hot stones and inhaled the emanating vapors. About one millennium later, Indians introduced hookah shisha or water pipe for heating and vaporizing various products.

The first person who came up with the idea of e-cigarettes in more recent times was Joseph Robinson in 1927. A few decades later, in 1965, Herbert Gilbert’s smokeless non-tobacco cigarette got patented. In Europe, the first cannabis vaporizer came to rise in the 90’ thanks to the invention of Bill Amato.

Besides the slow progress, the industry has seen a quantum leap in the new millennium. Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik created the first e-cigarette in 2003 to mark his father’s death from lung cancer. He figured out how to vaporize a nicotine solution using piezoelectric ultrasonic vibration. In 2007, the US saw the first e-cigarette vaporizer, and with a cartomizer, vaping devices became more user-friendly.

What Is A Vape Pen?

Vapor pens are personal vaporizers that resemble standard pens. The slim device contains a heating element that features a rechargeable battery to warm the e-liquid. Once the solution reaches the target temperature, it becomes a foam-white and flavored vapor.

A vapor pen starter kit will not produce any smoke, unlike tobacco cigarettes that contain harmful ash and tar. In this case, the fog-like clouds you see are vapor. Moreover, you can choose between many pen-style vapes since they differ by style, size, extra features, and power levels.

Undoubtedly, vapor pens took the vaporizer market to a whole new level. They gained traction quickly thanks to the improved battery capacity and extended running times. They allow users to swap atomizers and cartridges, too. Today, most high-quality vape pens deliver a satisfying, highly customizable experience even for rookies.

How Does It Work And How To Use It?

Though it may seem a bit complex at the onset, using vape pens is relatively straightforward. Unlike advanced vaping products, sticks don’t require specific knowledge about adjusting settings, resistance level, or wattage. And although you can always consult the manual, here’s a brief guide on how an average vapor pen starter kit operates.

Device Charging

Ensure your vaping pen is ready by plugging in its charging cord. Since your device is rechargeable, you’ll need to check the battery level at frequent intervals. However, a fully charged device is advisable when vaping for the first time.

E-Liquid Chamber Loading

The second step involves filling the chamber with the selected vape juice or oil. But before, check whether it’s 100% dry by setting it to the highest temperature for a minute. Once you locate the chamber, load it with your favorite flavor. But don’t overfill it. Then, wait for about ten minutes for the coil to prime.

Powering On

Charged and filled, your vapor pen starter kit is now ready to use. Yet, activation may differ between producers. Some devices require you to press a button five times to turn it on or off. And when you inhale, you must press the button again. Other devices need you to draw from the mouthpiece to start vaping.

First-timer vapers should know that mouthful draws don’t boost the experience. Instead, it’s better to begin sipping the vapor and then perfect your technique with time.

Why Is Vaping CBD Getting More And More Popular?

Vaping pens have gained popularity for various reasons, particularly among beginners. Let’s look at the upsides of vape pens you can expect along the way:

Possibly A Safer Alternative

Studies have shown that vaping is 95% safer and less harmful than smoking cigarettes. CBD vaping involves no combustion or smoke that creates carbon monoxide and tar. As a result, your lungs don’t get the toxic fumes that cigarettes emit, and your heart condition can also improve. Finally, you’ll get rid of that horrible, noxious odor.

Lightweight And Compact

Thanks to the thin profile, cannabidiol vaping pens are perfect for anywhere you go, including long-distance travel. And if you’re an on-the-run vaper, there’s no better choice than this pocket-size device. Finally, CBD vaping pens are hassle-free and affordable, unlike their traditional counterparts.

Effortless Vaping

You need no prior knowledge or experience to start using a vapor pen. Due to the lack of customization and user-friendly setup, many newbies find CBD vape pens super-convenient to use for the first time. Even seasoned vapers choose a vapor pen for a laid-back, less complex session because they can control the nicotine intake level.

Versatile Products And Flavors

The flavor options of e-liquids are virtually endless. The predominant tastes include fruit, spices, beverages, mint, coffee, and tobacco. Plus, you can pick from various vape pen models offering a first-rate experience.

Manitu Offers You The Perfect Vapor Pen Starter Kit Experience

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