The vaping experience is exciting, so an ever-growing number of people want to get hold of it. Be it for the chic appearance, affordable prices, or the less harmful impact, it has become a must among the newer generations.

Yet, as technology evolves faster than light, new vapers are perplexed about how to start. The market abounds with various products, kits, and equipment, so it’s not a surprise if you feel overwhelmed by the choice. And as far-fetched as it may seem, your first puffs will shape your opinion about the whole vaping thing.

This article covers all you should know for a unique first experience. And to enjoy your latest hobby, we’ll help you pick an exceptional vape pen for beginners. Let’s go over the basics and get you started on the right foot in no time.

The Vaping Industry Is Growing

If we look at the vaping statistics worldwide, the figures are staggering. More and more smokers turn to vaping each year, which is not a coincidence. For instance, there were about seven million vapers in 2011, and this number grew to 41 million by 2018. And today, the number stands at approximately 55 million users.

Global sales in the vaping industry stood at $15.7 billion in 2018. Moreover, experts believe the figure will skyrocket by 2023 and amount to $40 billion. As for the largest markets, the United States, the UK, and Japan dominate the floor for vaping products.

Why Is Vaping Becoming Popular?

Undoubtedly, there must be a reason for the surging popularity of vape pens. And scientists have managed to prove that these kits have advantages over smoking, especially for heavy smokers. Here are a few upsides of your new vape pen for beginners.

  • Convenience. Vapor pens are small-sized, portable, and multi-use. Hence, vaping kits are ideal for travel and short breaks by the desk. Whether indoors or outdoors, there’s no smoke to disturb the others. Also, their accessibility today is widespread, and you can find vape pens in most shops and on online platforms.
  • Less harmful. Experts agree that vaping is 95% safer than smoking due to the absence of ash, tar, and combustion. The only output is water vapor. Besides that, vaping enables higher nicotine control compared to smoking cigarettes.
  • Versatility. When looking for a vape pen for beginners, you’ll realize that the assortment is vast. The pallet of flavors ranges from fruit and spices to coffee and tobacco. Just pick your favorite taste and get rid of the obnoxious odors once and for all.
  • Affordable. Unlike cigarettes, you buy a vapor pen once, and after that, you only get different doses and flavors. On top of that, you don’t need prior experience to vape, and dosing is effortless.

How Does Vaping Actually Work?

Vaping devices come in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors. The process itself is straightforward and involves inhaling the liquid from the pen into the lungs. After a few seconds, you release the vapor through your mouth or nose.

The device will produce clouds that are aerosol byproducts. Aerosols form when the e-liquid containing CBD and flavoring starts to heat and vaporize.

It’s also essential to point out that most novices make a cardinal mistake. In short, they resort to chain vaping, which is the consequence of heavy smoking. But that’s not how a vape pen works. In this instance, you don’t puff hard but take long and steady draws. Typically, you need to wait from 15 to 30 seconds before taking another hit.

Vape Pen Components

A standard vape pen consists of four parts plus a charger:

  1. Cartridge (tank): This piece is a container where the CBD juice or liquid sits. Most tanks are refillable and made of glass, plastic, or steel. If you go with a pre-filled cartridge, you need to dispose of it once it’s empty.
  2. Atomizer: This element heats the juice and turns it into vapor.
  3. Mouthpiece: The part through which you inhale the vaporized liquid.
  4. Battery: Your pen operates and heats the juice thanks to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Some devices get activated manually by pressing a button, while others require you to inhale.
  5. USB charger. If the battery is rechargeable, you’ll need a charger. Disposable versions feature a pre-charged battery.

How To Start Vaping?

First, you’ll need to decide what you expect from the experience. Do you want punchy hits or you’re more fascinated by the sensory aspects? Do you have a discreet pocket-size pen or an impressive alternative in mind? Whatever your choice, you need to pick a kit that matches your style and needs.

Once you establish what kind of viper you are and buy a vape pen for beginners, it’s time for the flavors. The array of e-liquids or vape juices is astonishing. So, you need to answer two questions here: how much CDB would you like to inhale, and what’s your favorite flavor? It might be an excellent idea to select a few strengths at the onset to see which one fits best. If one seems too harsh, pick a milder option next time.

Finally, ensure you charge your vapor pen and fill the chamber with the e-liquid or vape juice. Some versions run on pre-filled cartridges, so check this out when locating the chamber. And that’s it! Switch the device on by drawing from the mouthpiece or clicking the provided button, and start vaping!

Get The Perfect Vape Pen For Beginners

Finding the most efficient and high-quality vape pen for e-liquid can be daunting. The variety is exceptional since many brands offer extra features and improved performance.

Manitu has earned its reputation by offering top-notch products and excellent devices. And this unique vape pen is one of their latest and most popular offerings. Moreover, the e-liquid vapor device has a standard pen-like look with long battery life.

Manitu’s pen is incredibly compact and perfect for beginners and seasoned vapers. Users particularly like this product due to its impressive capability, user-friendly design, and reasonable pricing. Get it now and have an invaluable vaping experience!

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