Humans have been enjoying the positive effects of hemp flowers for ages. And since the popularity of cannabidiol grows, new CBD products constantly arrive on the market. As one of the leaders in industrial cannabis today, Manitu Herbs takes pride in top-quality cannabidiol extracts. Their assortment is versatile and custom-made to suit the needs of individual customers.

The active compound present in the cannabis plant or CBD is well-known for its therapeutic benefits. Yet, unlike THC, cannabidiol-based products have no intoxicating effect. Quite the contrary, people with ailments like anxiety, insomnia, MS, and cancer have found cannabidiol use relieving.

If you consume CDB, you have probably come across various product forms. Depending on the condition you’re treating, you might take it as oils, gummies, or capsules. But were you aware that organic CBD paste can serve the same purpose? Below, we describe what CBD paste is and what it can do to your body.

What Is CBD Paste?

CBD paste is a thick liquid that resembles other CBD products because it also contains cannabidiol. It must not exceed the 0.3% threshold for THC content, too. As a result, certified CBD pastes don’t have any psychoactive effects.

Still, CBD paste differs from other products in terms of potency. Specifically, it has a thicker consistency than CBD oil and is more concentrated. Most cannabidiol pastes contain a mixture of CBD with wax, oil, or butter. As for packaging, CBD paste usually comes in a syringe that enables easy and precise dosing.

Finally, organic CBD paste is an excellent option if you need to take higher CBD doses. Plus, you can consume the substance orally or use it topically, depending on your condition. As for the CBD content, it typically ranges from 40% to 90%. A higher concentration suggests you are dealing with a better product.

How Is It Made?

The ideal CBD extract should consist of purely natural ingredients only. No chemicals should get involved in the production process. It is also essential for the CBD paste to come from hemp plants that grow in ecological environments and sustainable cultivation areas. Full-spectrum CBD goods retain the entire cannabis plant with components like vitamins, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

For instance, Manitu Herbs uses the CO2 extraction process to produce organic CBD paste. Besides being safe, the procedure helps extract one of the purest CBD substances. Thanks to the pressurised CO2 method, the valuable components of the hemp crops remain intact while cannabinoids get safely extracted. At the same time, carbon dioxide is a solvent that facilitates the procedure.

Different CBD Paste Variants On The Market

Before choosing the best product for you, you need to know that the market abounds with CBD brands. Though some offer alcohol-based oils and pastes, organic ones are more beneficial for human health. Here’s an overview of what you should focus on when looking for CBD paste.


As opposed to other cannabidiol formulations, organic CBD paste is more potent. In short, the concentration levels are higher, and you need to be very careful with dosages. Hence, if you’re new to CBD, consider taking smaller portions to see how your body reacts.

Hemp Origin

The source of the hemp plant plays a vital role in the quality of the product. Certified organic cannabidiol extracted from ecologically grown crops makes the perfect foundation for organic CBD paste. Not using any pesticides in the growing process is another factor you should consider when purchasing.

Legal Permit

When buying CBD extracts, you must be sure those are legitimate. Cannabidiol produce must undergo strict testing procedures that prove no contaminants are present. Manitu Herbs works in compliance with the permit for hemp cultivation issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Slovenia. Moreover, analyses results with an extensive cannabinoid profile are available for all product batches.

Why Is CBD Paste Getting More And More Popular?

The increased demand for CBD-based products has stimulated the development of a sizeable market. Hence, the number of brands offering oils, pastes, creams, cosmetics, and edibles constantly grows. But why is CBD paste appealing?

One potential upside over other formulations lies in the multiple combinations. Besides different potency percentages, the edible ingredients in the paste can vary. Some manufacturers use natural oils like coconut, while others prefer butter. As a result, you can take the product orally by placing it under your tongue. Alternatively, you can consume organic CBD paste with other foods or beverages. Or apply it directly to your skin.

Due to the lack of psychoactive components, CBD paste takes a pivotal position in emerging cannabis research. So far, trials have demonstrated its high safety profile. However, since CBD paste is a novel formulation, more studies on its impact are underway.

What Can Organic CBD Paste Do For Your Body?

Though research on CBD-based paste is still coming out, what we have learnt so far demonstrates that CBD-based products offer relief. One of the primary uses of cannabidiol focuses on treating pain caused by severe underlying diseases. The explanation is that CBD paste reduces inflammation by interacting with cannabinoid receptors.

One study has shown that CBD helps treat pain induced by multiple sclerosis because it leads to muscle relaxation. In addition, people suffering from depression, anxiety, or insomnia may find CBD-based products helpful. In some instances, it can even relieve the symptoms of PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorders.

The list goes on, and clinical evidence suggests that CBD can assist in treating epileptic seizures. However, the use is primarily adjunctive to other medicaments. Organic CBD paste may also diminish cancer-related pain, nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

The latest research suggests that CBD may also have antipsychotic and anti-tumour effects. Since scientists have been relentlessly working on helping substance addicts, their efforts have paid off. One systematic review found that CBD may fight addiction to substances like cocaine, opioids, and tobacco.

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