The employment landscape is a constantly evolving place. This evolution has been going on for as long as the concept of being employed has existed. People routinely change jobs, migrate to take up jobs in other countries or quit jobs to start their own businesses, for instance becoming a hemp distributor

Then, along came a pandemic. Nothing upsets the status quo quite like a pandemic can do. Suddenly, in a matter of a few months, tens of millions of people were unceremoniously ripped from their comfort zones. Countless numbers lost their jobs, were furloughed, or had to take pay cuts.

Whatever happened over the last two years, one common outcome was that the loss of working hours equates to the equivalent of more than a quarter of a billion full time jobs. And, many of these people have been scrambling to make up their lost income with some kind of online enterprise.  

What is a hemp distributor?

For some, it is quite fortuitous that hemp products have become legalized in many countries.  The contentiousness of the use of hemp products means that this is somewhat of a niche market. Therein lies a golden opportunity for the more open-minded. Become a hemp distributor. Not a drug dealer like in days gone by. Rather, a completely legal and legitimate hemp distributor.

To understand the role of being a hemp distributor, you need to research the law in your country. It has been widely legalized but comes with many provisions and conditions that differ from one county to the next. The other thing is that laws are constantly changing, so it’s advisable to keep an eye out for changes.

Broadly speaking, a hemp distributor is someone who sells hemp or hemp products. Of course, as with any business in the retail sector, there are many ways to go about this. You can grow your own hemp and manufacture the derivatives, or you can merely resell products that you buy-in.   

Online vs. Offline Hemp sales

The next major choice a prospective hemp distributor needs to make is whether to operate online or to have a physical shop. This isn’t really an easy choice to make. It will depend on your location and your own convictions. Of course, you could go both ways. There’s never an easy answer where potentially life-changing decisions are concerned. Having an offline presence will need some investment though.

Firstly, you need to buy or rent a retail space. Then there is the cost of outfitting and purchasing inventory. Whether you’re a hemp distributor with a bricks and mortar shop or just a website you must also attract business. This means spending some money and a lot of effort to market your business and attract customers. Being somewhat of a niche market for the moment, this can be quite narrowly targeted and need not cost a fortune.   

What should I sell as a hemp distributor?

For most people, the lowest barrier to entry will be reselling products. This is an emerging and growing market and there are many product options. Currently, legal products include plant material for smoking, vaping juices, oils, and topical creams and lotions.

Product options also include a choice between pure, natural hemp, CBD, and CBG extracts and derivatives. Being able to offer all the options is probably a good idea. As we have said, this is a relatively fresh market and the customer base is largely still in an experimental phase. Many customers are still testing out different product options before settling on what works best for them.

CBD Hemp buds

How do I start?

Starting up as a hemp distributor is probably not as difficult as people may think. It does take quite a bit of planning and research to have any chance of success. Most failed businesses owe their demise to inadequate planning. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

Firstly, you need to select a reputable and reliable source for your products. As this market develops, customers will start to gravitate towards a trustworthy hemp distributor that sells products that they believe in and perceive as good value for money.

Next, you need to set up your marketplace. As mentioned, establish an online or offline shop or both. Make your presence as a hemp distributor known to the market. Advertise, set up profiles on social media and create or procure content that can be found by search engines.

Invest in an inventory of products. You probably need to consult your chosen supplier or partner to optimize your investment. An established and reputable vendor will guide you as to which products sell well. In the beginning you may want to keep the range limited until you get some momentum. As your business grows, you can branch out to more specific niches.

How do I find the right partner?

Finding the right partner also requires some detailed research. You absolutely have to investigate the laws and regulations; not only in your jurisdiction but also wherever your supplier is based. Partnering with a supplier that gets shut down for legal offenses can spell disaster for you.

Again, a reputable and reliable supplier would be able to provide you with all the necessary certifications or permits that they may require to operate legally in their territory. They may even be able to assist you with getting your own approvals to become a hemp distributor.

Become a Manitu Herbs hemp distributor

If you really are considering an online income, becoming a hemp distributor is a very good option right now. And teaming up with Manitu Herbs would be one of the easiest ways to get set up. At Manitu Herbs, we take pride in the quality and range of our products.

Manitu Herbs will assist you in setting up your hemp distributor business, your website and webstore, and your marketing campaigns. Leverage the reputation of an established and fully legal supplier that operates globally. With Manitu Herbs, the sky is the limit. Your market is global, and you’re only constrained by your own reservations.

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