How to pick and select the highest quality CBD and CBG hemp flowers?

It is obvious that CBD and CBG market is booming. It’s not an overstatement to say that CBD and CBG are rising stars when it comes to managing pain, relieving anxiety, and helping people manage and overcome a variety of different illnesses and disabilities. For many years, the primary goal of cannabis growers has been to increase THC levels in this ancient plant, but in recent years, after positive health effects of CBD and CBG have been scientifically proven, industrial cannabis production and sales of products that contain these two cannabinoids, are significantly expanding. So it’s smart to know how to recognize the highest quality CBD and CBG hemp tops in a flood of different providers, especially if you want to buy them online. Connoisseurs point out three characteristics that we need to pay attention to.


Pleasant to the eyes, pleasing to the body. This definitely rings truth when talking about CBD and CBG cannabis tops. As as we recognize a delicious apple from afar, we can also see the quality of CBD and CBG tops at the first glance. The tops should be green, compatct and full of trichomes – visible frozen crystals – spread all over them. These three visible features will instantly show you when it comes to top quality hemp flowers.


Buying CBD and CBG tops is quite similar to buying regular flowers, fruits or vegetables. If the CBD or CBG flowers are properly and lovingly grown, they have a very strong scent, in which we recognize the familiar smell of cannabis. The strong aroma indicates that the flower contains a sufficient amount of CBD, CBG and terpenes; these are substances that arouse pleasant emotions in us and have a generally positive effect on our senses. Terpenes are the ones that produce the pleasant smell of freshly squeezed oranges and the uniqueness of the scent of lavender and roses. The sweet and fruity aroma of CBD and CBG flowers is thus certainly an excellent indicator of their quality.

Organic growing methods

Let’s face it – pesticides and trace chemicals just aren’t cool, so it’s very important for you to look for CBD and CBD flowers from the suppliers who grow their hemp organically and do not use artificial pesticides.

Manitu Herbs, the smartest choice

One of the smartest choices when buying the highest quality CBD and CBG hemp tops is definitely our online store MANITU HERBS, which specializes in selling the best hemp products. In our local eco-field, all production procedures are performed by hand. The plants are monitored throughout the growing season, as well as all further processes. For our customers only the sweetest tops are available, packed in environmentally friendly materials. We exclusively cooperate with providers of printing and other services, who diligently coordinate their efforts with the vision of environmental protection. In our efforts to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum, we deliver products on foot or by foot-powered vehicles whenever possible. We use postal and other delivery services only if you are too far away to deliver the goods on foot.