Manitu’s field report

Weeks 1-2

In the month of may sowing took place in our specially equipped greenhouse. What’s the process, you ask? Firstly, we carefully select the seeds and machine plant them into trays. We use the machine planting to ensure uniformity of the crop in the following days in which we put special attention to the fertility rate and potential genetic mutations of young plants. We leave the plants in trays for about a week before we move forward to transplanting them into the field.

One week after the sowing process, we carefully transplant the seedlings into pots, using potting machine for uniformity.

In this process plants with potential genetic mutations are excluded and kept separately for later researches of the anomalies. The healthy plants are put in a temperature and humidity controlled greenhouses, therefore we truly achieve the ultimate growing conditions.

Weeks 4-5

Week 4 is when all the fun begins. When plants are strong enough for the field, we transport and plant them in an eco certified grow site, which is watered by water, sourced from a river that flows in its vicinity.

The river has a spring only 15km from the field and has no industrial or agricultural activities nearby. Adequate plant spacing is provided for the plants to make sure there is no space for cross contamination or potential disease transfer.

We take great pride at the fact that all fertilisers are natural and no pesticides are used during the growth period.

Weeks 5-8

Hey! We just came back from our Manitu field and wanted to give you a short report of the growth process.

What we did in the past weeks was regularly check the plants for any possible diseases and cultivated the space between plants, so we eliminated a vegetation of weeds, which can also be the source of a disease transfer. Then it was time for canopy management. Plant canopy is namely treated in a way that the lower branches never touch the ground so canopy management is optimised for maximum light exposure of the flowering buds. Additional cultivation is provided close to the plants, so the roots get even more air and space for their growth.

This is where we are at the moment, in the next weeks we’ll keep you posted with more reports, so you are able to monitor our work and feel all the love we put into growing process.

Week 9

WEEK 9 of our cannabis cultivation process mostly includes checking out and empowering our plants in the open field with a little help of cords so they can stay strong, grow upright and richly. All is going well and as it should be. Stoked about that, we can’t wait for the harvest season.

Week 13

WEEK 13 of our cannabis cultivation process: watching the plants grow big, healthy and strong, anticipating the upcoming harvest, which will happen in October. We’ll keep you posted.

Week 14

More amazing creations on the far edges of the gauss curve!

The red/purple colored flowers, get their amazing colors from anthocyanin, a water soluble vacuolar pigment which is also responsible for the amazing colors of autumn leaves… stay tuned for more information or simply ask anything that boggles your mind… about the plant, of course!

The long anticipated harvest has started!

The long anticipated harvest has started! Our local organic and eco-friendly Manitu field is full of earth’s finest hand-picked herb (#pesitcidefree) and we are stoked about the final result. Big and busy days ahead of us, lots to do, but doing it with smiles and hearts all the way.